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Back in the old days people really thought Flash was cool. Yes. We're old. In fact, this site's been up for over 23 years. Here's a few fun things from past incarnations of it:

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VIB Real-Time Clock Screensaver

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Mr. Potato-Sven

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The Kilted Snow Weasels

The Slacktastic 4

The Band of Misfit Boys

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The Weasels had little to say except "Weasel Putty? Weasel Putty?

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This fine putty was made with loving care by the fine folks at Crazy Aaron's Putty World. You can get some... not Weasel Putty, but something almost as cool.

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Click on the pictures above and print them out separately
to make your very own Viking helmet!

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Everyone wants to know what's in the VIB's wonderous gift to the sculpting community, but Bjorn would sooner kill you all than divulge his secrets.

What's in Bjorn's magic brew? Sorry. Bjorn punches pretty hard.

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